With a dynamic team of  students, supervised by professional archaeologists, the 2018 excavation season was a great success! We have identified some very interesting structures and reconstructed many vases which help us better understand the urban development and economic activities at Ancient Argilos during the 6th, 5th and 4th centuries BC.

Among these was the discovery of a large portico containing 12 shops. The building is in a remarkable state of preservation, and 12 rooms have been partially excavated this year. In its early state, the building  dates back to the 6th century BC !

All this is very promising for 2019, which will be a MAJOR excavation campaign ! Our main objectives  are A) to continue our excavation of the large complex of 12 shops that we have uncovered ; B) to continue our excavations of the buildings and houses surrounding this complex and C) to continue our study of the large amount of material (vases, coins, metal objects…) uncovered in these structures.

Moreover, as we do every summer, field trips will be organized to visit other archaeological sites and museums in the region (Pella, Vergina, Philippi, museums in Thessaloniki,…).

Please download the Argilos program Summer 2019 !

As always, the work will take place under the supervision of qualified archaeologists.

Only 30 students will be accepted for this campaign (4 or 6 weeks session), which will combine three components:

1. Theoretical: history of the site and the vast region of Macedonia / Thrace, workshops on architecture and urbanism, pottery styles, etc.
2. Practical: methodology and excavation techniques, work on the site (including architectural and stratigraphic drawing, working with electronic surveying instruments, etc.) and at the museum, cleaning and cataloguing of artefacts, profile drawing, documentation, study of Greek regional pottery styles, etc.
3. Discovery: field trips to various archaeological sites and museums in the region and optional 3-day stay on the beautiful island of Thassos.



Dates: 4-week session: May 27 – June 22, 2019 -  6-week session: May 27 – July 6 2019

Age: Minimum 19 years of age.

Qualifications: No previous experience necessary but good physical condition.

Work: Students participate to all aspects of the dig, assisted by trained professionals.

Languages spoken on the dig: English, French and Greek (we have students from around the world !)

Accomodation: Students share rented apartments situated in the nearby village of Asprovalta, each with kitchen and washroom.

Cost: 4 week session $3800 CAD ($3100 US) – 6 week session $4700 CAD ($3700 US)

Price includes food (except on Sundays) and accommodation and weekend visits to various archaeological sites and museums in the area.

It does not include airfare to Greece and optional three day visit to the Island of Thassos (see excavation program).

University credits: Students can receive university credits (3) if they enroll in the field school course.
Please contact us for more information :

Application deadline: May 24 2019, but we encourage you to apply as quickly as possible to ensure your place on the dig.


We are planning an exciting campaign for 2019 !

Join are international team and meet students from Canada, USA, Australia, France, England, Greece and as far as Japan ! Just fill out the application form.